Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OMR Scanner V/s OMR Software

With growing approach of OMR in various industry, people are interested in using the technology and capture data using OMR forms. So people often get confused between OMR scanner and OMR software. Following are some information that will help you while taking your decision:

OMR Scanner
  • OMR scanner are big machines manufactured outside India, spares are difficult to get and vendors charge as per their desire as no manufacturer is from India.
  • OMR scanner reads standard OMR form.
  • A decent OMR scanner with 2,500 scan/hour can cost some where around Rs. 4-5 Lakhs.
  • Maintenance and support is a pain.
  • No image is made for reference of the scanned form in most of OMR scanner.
  • Up gradation is also difficult.

OMR Software
  • OMR software can use normal document scanner which is made by renowned brands like Canon, Kodak, Fujitsu etc.
  • OMR software reads standard OMR form and plain paper form.
  • A OMR software and document scanner that scan 2,500 per hour can cost around Rs. 60,000
  • Maintenance and support can be taken easily as software is manufactured in India.
  • A image is made of the OMR form, with facility of image cropping is also available
  • Up gradation is easy in software.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

OMR Sheet Printing

OMR sheet printing is very precise and accurate job. Printer must understand technical aspect related to OMR. The bubble and timing track must be aligned in all OMR, some time in printing the paper expansion happens and all alignment of bubbles are out. The other thing is the paper cutting, if the cutting error is more than 2 mm then you might be at trouble as the sheets will not be read by OMR scanner.

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For understanding the points taken care while printing

Sample OMR sheets
For more sample OMR sheets: